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Breaking News: Updates for the 2024 off Season

Updated: Jun 4

As the last few weeks of SIXES@MBR wind down and we head toward Christmas the team at CBFI are already thinking about the 2024 season.

By popular demand we announce two updates for 2024

  1. The introduction of an Under 6 competition to be played on Wednesdays. This will have the following knock on effects

  • The U7 league will move to Wednesdays

  • U10 will move to Thursdays.

Please note that Kickoff times and dates are entirely dependent on the number of registrations in each League, Times are indicative only and subject to change.

2. The reintroduction of the Summer competition. This will kick off in January 2025 and run for 10 weeks, ending just before the winter season for 2025 kicks off.

Have a lovely break all, good luck for the 2024 winter season and hope to see you back at MBR in October!

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